Changing lives one seed at a time in Durham

We were blown away by the level of commitment the volunteers with SEEDS have for bringing real-life opportunities to area youth.

Learn About Our Community Outreach
While helping to build shelves, clean-up workspaces, and prune trees, we learned about SEEDS’ two-acre urban garden and kitchen classroom.

They bring gardens to life for young people in Durham through hands-on lessons. Not only do they grow the food, they also prepare and share the meals with each other.

January is the perfect time to clean up garden spaces and allow the soil to rest.

Our employees worked side by side while cleaning up and preparing the garden space for the organizations springtime adventures.

Part of our mission at Leaf & Limb is to use our success to create positive impact for our employees, community, and planet. Every month we dedicate the first Friday to volunteer in our local community as part of our annual Project Pando.

We were honored to donate 74 paid volunteer hours with a value of $2,590 to help SEEDS continue its transformational impact on our next generation.

Join us on this journey as we learn about new organizations, volunteer every first Friday, and help in our own small way. Next month we are looking forward to volunteering with Keep Durham Beautiful.

Learn more about SEEDS, Keep Durham Beautiful, and our Leaf & Limb Project Pando.

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