The Joy of Planting Native Trees in Durham, North Carolina

Have you ever dreamed of a place where you were free to run, play, and climb on everything in sight?

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Durham Central Park has been busy creating a playground, community center, and natural space – where everyone is welcome.

We were overjoyed when Erin with the Durham Central Park invited our entire Leaf & Limb crew out to help plant a variety of native and non-native trees. We loved spending time outside and we got the biggest kick out of working side-by-side with friends and neighbors during our monthly Project Pando volunteer day.

We planted bald cypress, American elm, and Chinese elm trees among the established trees already at the park.

We owe a great big shout out to our fearless consulting director, Katie Rose, who helped to organize and coordinate the day's accomplishments.

She tirelessly worked with organizers from Keep Durham Beautiful and Durham Central Park to help make this month’s volunteer event successful.

Our volunteer day would not have been complete without pruning up some branches and spreading fresh mulch around our newly planted friends.

While volunteering we learned that Durham Central Park is a place filled with natural beauty and man-made wonders. It is a 5-acre city-owned park located in the heart of Downtown Durham.

The park is managed, developed and programmed by Durham Central Park, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization.

This month we were able to donate 106.5 paid volunteer hours with a value of $3,727.50.

After spending time with our friends in Durham, we are thrilled to be invited to volunteer at the Tammy Lynn Center in Raleigh. We can’t wait to share our fun experiences with you next month!

Learn more about Durham Central Park, Keep Durham Beautiful, Tammy Lynn Center, and our Leaf & Limb Project Pando.

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