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Holiday Gift Guide for That Special Tree in Your Life

Not sure what to get for the tree that has everything? Our Treecologists compiled a list just for you.

Measure What Matters

Why we are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.

Video | Wood Chips: The Secret Ingredient to Healthy Trees

Watch to learn more about how the benefits of wood chips and how to properly install them.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Wood Chips Over Other Types of Mulch

A cheap, easy solution to increase the health of your trees.

Healthy Eating Plate for Trees

Trees need a balanced diet of water, sunlight, and rotting stuff.

Video | Welcome to Project Pando

Learn more about our volunteer tree farm where we are growing native trees to give away to the public for free.

Video | Structure is Strength - How to Make your Trees More Safe Using Pruning.

Watch to learn more about how structural pruning is the key to strong, healthy trees.

Are Your Trees Safe? Prune to Make Them Stronger.

Structural pruning is key to the long-term health and safety of your trees.

How to Select a Safe Branch for a Tree Swing

The top 5 things to consider when picking a branch for a tree swing.

Your Dirt is Hungry

Soil is a living, breathing, eating organism that needs rotting material like compost and leaves and wood chips to stay healthy.

Video | Soil is Alive

Learn more about the key differences between healthy soil and dead dirt.

Recipe: Savory Soil Casserole

Earthy. Aromatic. Full of fungi. This all-natural favorite is hit with trees and shrubs.

How Trees Can Save Earth & What We Can Do to Help

Ways you can plant and care for trees to help overcome some of our biggest environmental challenges.

Earth Day Bingo

How tree-friendly is your yard? What do you do to celebrate nature?

Video | How Trees Can Save the Earth

Abundant healthy trees create happy people and a vibrant planet.

Spring Tree Care Checklist

It's the season for pest management, mulching, and soil improvement.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Go on a search for dogwood flowers, redbud blooms, and more.

Don't Make a Deadly Mistake: Top 10 Questions to Consider Before Pruning

Improper pruning cuts cause irreversible harm that often results in decline in health, structural instability, or death.

Video | Planning to Prune? Use this simple framework and avoid deadly mistakes.

Follow this simple framework to set pruning goals and prevent deadly damage to your trees and shrubs.

Video | Rooted by Our Purpose: A New Direction at Leaf & Limb

At Leaf & Limb, caring for trees has always been the heart of what we do, but this means we sometimes have to make...

Why Dead Wood is Good Wood

Helen Yoest from Bee Better Naturally explains why you should consider leaving a dead tree where it stands.

Video | Want more birds in your backyard? Plant these native trees.

Watch this video to find out why native trees are important and which ones you should choose.

Best Native Trees for Butterflies

A comprehensive list of native trees that support butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.

Fall & Winter Tree Care Checklist

Leave your leaves, plant new trees, and other important tasks

Video | Fall Tree Care Checklist: Leave your Leaves, Plant New Trees, and Other Important Tasks

Watch this video to find out what you should do or hire someone to do during the dormant season.

Top 10 Most Surprising Benefits of Trees

Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem but also have many surprising benefits to humans.

How I Learned to Love to My Trees

...or how paying attention to my backyard opened me up to a whole new world of the benefits of trees.

Video | Trees are Critical to Our Future

Environmental change is overwhelming. Trees (and healthy soil) might be the antidote.

Think Your Tree is Dead? Look a Little Closer

7 Common Ways Trees Play Dead (But are Actually Still Alive)

How to Spot a Dead or Dying Tree

It can be difficult to identify a dead or dying tree. Here's what to look for first.

Video | How to Spot the Warning Signs: Dead, Dying or Hazardous Trees

Watch this video for some basic tips on how to determine if a tree is dead or dying.

Right Tree, Right Place: What to Plant and Where to Plant it

The top 4 questions to ask when selecting a tree.

Video | How To: Choosing the Right Tree for Any Location

Watch this video for some basic tips on how to pick the right tree for any location.

Our Favorite Tree Recommendations for Tricky Areas

Including trees that do well near roads, in heavily shaded areas, and in wet soil.

Using Fertilizer? Think Twice Before You Do.

Find out why many fertilizers offer short-term gain, but inflict long-term pain.

The #1 Reason Most Soil Tests Don't Work

Traditional soil tests are missing one key component: biology.

Friend or Foe: When to Take Action Against Pests

How to tell when to treat for pests and when to wait

The Insect Apocalypse is Here. How Can You Help?

6 ways to make your yard friendlier for bugs

16 Fascinating Facts About Fungi

Fungi play a vital role in plant health and they contribute to our ecosystem in so many different ways.

Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Unsung Heroes of Tree Care

Trees and shrubs cannot survive with out this helpful fungi

Case Study: Watch How Soil Improvement Turned this Tree from Sickly to Stately

This magnolia tree was wholly transformed by the reintroduction of healthy, living soil.

From Dead Dirt to Healthy Soil in 7 Simple Steps

Transform dead dirt into healthy soil using these tried-and-true methods.

6 Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Maintain healthy trees and shrubs by avoiding these six common pruning mistakes.

How to Install and Enjoy Your Rain Gauge

An essential tool that helps you monitor whether your trees and shrubs are receiving adequate water.

Help Save the Monarch Butterflies!

The Monarch Butterfly is an iconic North American species, but it is in trouble. Find out how you can help.

4 Fascinating Facts About Mistletoe

At first glance, these hemi-parasitic plants might seem harmful to your trees, but mistletoe provides a wealth of benefits to ecosystems.

Proper Care for Newly Planted Trees

Follow these basic steps about watering, mulching, pruning, fertilizer, and more to ensure that your trees have a strong foundation for a long, healthy life....

8 Ways to Accidentally Kill Your Tree When Planting

Planting is not as simple as just digging a hole. Avoid these 8 behaviors to ensure that your tree will be happy and healthy...

Drop that Rake! Why Leaving the Leaves is Vital to Your Trees's Health

Leaves provide many benefits and they even offset some harmful behaviors. Here are just a few reasons to leave your leaves.

Save Time This Fall: Leave Your Leaves

Three ways to use leaves to benefit your trees and shrubs.

Video | How To: The Fundamentals Of Watering

Watch this video for some basic tips on how to best water your trees and shrubs.

Video | The Fundamentals of Mulch: Proper Care, Installation, and Selection

Watch this video for some basic tips on how to select, install, and care for mulch.

Too Many Choices: Which Mulch or Weed Barrier Should I Choose?

The towering mulch shelves at any home improvement store can be overwhelming. So which one is right for your trees and shrubs?

When Good Mulch Goes Bad

Mulch is key way to keeping trees healthy, but only if it is in good shape.

How To: The Fundamentals of Mulch Installation

Follow these basic steps to ensure that mulch is installed properly.

Five Ways to Spot a Thirsty Tree or Shrub

How can you really tell if your plants need water? Here are a few tips and tools you can use to be sure your...

Soaker Hoses, Irrigation Systems, and Treegators, Oh My!

3 ways to set your watering to autopilot.

Drought Resistant Trees

Our Treecologists selected a few of their favorite hardy trees.

How To: The Fundamentals of Watering

Follow these basic steps to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

The Joy of Planting Native Trees in Durham, North Carolina

Leaf & Limb employees planting trees during Arbor Day at Durham Central Park.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning Class and Demonstration

A Tale of Love, Murder, and Proper Pruning

Brightening Up Neighborhoods Across Durham

Leaf & Limb employees volunteered to plant trees in neighborhoods across Durham, NC.

Changing lives one seed at a time in Durham

Changing lives one seed at a time in Durham

Soil Decompaction - An Essential for Good Tree Health

Compacted dirt is devoid of life because there is no water and no oxygen. Life on Earth needs both to survive.

Emerald Ash Borer is in NC!

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle that causes major harm. It is now in North Carolina.

Cabling & Bracing - Options for Making Your Tree Safer

Cables & brace rods can often reduce the possibility of a branch or trunk split by providing support structures.

Tree Care for Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles are truly beautiful trees. It is no wonder that they have become a favorite across North Carolina and the rest of the...

How to Prevent Tree Damage

Trees can cause incredible damage to people and property. It is essential to identify potential problems early, before they turn into actual problems.

Help! My Tree Has a Disease!

What can you do if your trees or shrubs have a disease? Here are some pointers.

Dragon’s Blood Tree

The Dracaena Cinnabari, or, the Dragon's Blood Tree, is a fascinating tree!

Deep Root Fertilization: Myths & The Truth

Deep root fertilization should be used to help rebuild your soil food web, not as a way of pumping nutrients into the soil.

The Dangerous Truth About Ghost Insurance Policies

If you hire a tree service that has a ghost insurance policy, and someone is injured on your property, you could be held responsible...

Happy Trees Begin With Proper Planting

Proper planting is critical to a tree's health. How you plant your tree will determine whether it lives a healthy life or a short...

Trees & Shrubs Need Check-Ups Too!

Just like visiting the doctor on a regular basis for a health check-up, regular inspections help keep trees and shrubs healthy and problem-free.

How To Protect Your Trees from a Lightning Strike

You cannot prevent a lightning strike, but you can reduce its potential harm on a tree and nearby structures by installing a lightning protection...

Mulching: A Cheap, Easy Way to Increase the Health of Your Trees!

With the right product and installation, mulching provides an amazing set of health benefits for your trees and shrubs.

Crape Myrtles: A Tale of Love, Murder, and Proper Pruning

When pruning Crape Myrtles, avoid improper pruning techniques such as Crape Murder. Instead, use proper pruning techniques to produce a beautiful, healthy tree.

The World's Oldest Trees

Trees make up some of the oldest known living organisms on the planet.

Help! Insects are Attacking my Trees & Shrubs!

What can you do if insects are attacking your trees and shrubs? Here are some pointers.

Tree Care: Save Money and Increase Your Property Value

Your trees look beautiful and can increase property value by as much as 20%. Thus tree care solutions should be considered before tree removal...

Root Collar Excavation is Critical to Your Tree's Survival!

A buried root collar is a serious health issue for a tree or shrub. It is a common issue in the urban landscape, one...

Tree Risk Assessment: The Key to Safer Trees & Peace of Mind!

It is normal for trees to break and fall. But when people and property are nearby, the consequences could be catastrophic. Risk assessment is...

10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Tree Service and Avoid Scams

Our industry is full of con artists and fly-by-night crooks. Take the following precautions to avoid being scammed.

Happy Trees Grow From Healthy Soil

In order for a tree to be healthy and happy, it needs healthy soil, which includes a functioning soil food web, aeration, adequate moisture,...

TCIA Accreditation: Empowering You With Confidence

We are TCIA Accredited. This shows that we are a safe, capable tree company that operates according to the highest standards possible within our...

What is Tree Care?

Tree care aims to maintain or improve the structure, appearance, and vitality of your trees and shrubs. Good health is a plant’s first, strongest...

Mulch Volcanoes: the Mt. St. Helens of Tree Problems

A mulch volcano, which is the term used to refer to mulch piled around the base of a tree or shrub, is very harmful...

Trees Need a Thriving Soil Food Web

Rebuild and rejuvenate the soil food web to improve the health of your trees and shrubs. Excellent health is a plant’s strongest line of...

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