Our Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions apply to each job, unless otherwise noted.

Here are our terms and conditions, which apply to each job, unless otherwise noted:

It is agreed by and between Leaf & Limb and the authorizing party (customer and/or customer’s agent) that the following provisions are made as part of this contract:

  • General Tree Disclaimer: Because trees are living, changing organisms affected by factors beyond our control, we can never guarantee tree safety, health or condition. We cannot detect or anticipate every condition or event that could possibly lead to the decline, death or structural failure of a tree, especially in regards to future events like storms and hurricanes. We cannot guarantee that a tree will be healthy or safe under all circumstances. Trees can be managed but not controlled.
  • Tree Ownership: When you accept a proposal from us, you guarantee that all plants listed on the proposal are located on your property. If they are not located on your property, you guarantee that you have received full permission from the owner to allow us to perform the specified work. Should any plant be mistakenly identified as to ownership, you agree to indemnify us for any damages or costs incurred. The resulting dispute will be between you and the owner of those plants.
  • Terms of Payment: Unless otherwise noted in this proposal, you agree to pay the account balance in full within 30 days of work completion. For planting, we require a down payment equal to the cost of the plants for your project. For Piedmont Prairies, we require 50% down payment upon acceptance of the proposal to cover all supply costs. Another 25% is due at the end of the installation. The remaining 25% is due at the end of the project, once the second year of maintenance has been completed.
  • Planting Warranties: When it comes to planting trees, shrubs, prairies, etc. there is only so much we can control. We will take responsibility for the things we can control. We will guarantee proper planting and seed installation, according to industry best practices. We will guarantee healthy plant specimens and good seed stock. We will plant during the times of year that help increase the probability of success. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for damage/issues outside of our control. This includes plant stress related to weather, temperature, transplant shock, care (or lack thereof), drought, attack from pests/animals, and other acts of nature outside our control. Most importantly, we cannot guarantee that any plant will survive and thrive. These are living, changing organisms far beyond our ability to control.
  • Insurance: We guarantee that all of our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. We carry all other insurance policies that you would expect from a professional organization, including general liability, auto liability, and much more. Certificates of coverage are available upon request.
  • Timeline: We will do our best to meet any agreed-upon timelines and completion dates. But please keep in mind that we often face delays because of rain, storms, equipment breakdown, and many other issues beyond our control. When these happen, we will do our best to provide you with timely updates. Also, should you receive a schedule date for your service that you do not like and ask to be rescheduled, this will typically lengthen your wait time.
  • Sprinklers, Buried Lines, and Other Concealed Contingencies: If we are not made aware of things we cannot see, such as underground sprinklers, drain lines, invisible fences, underground cables, and other objects out of sight, we cannot be held responsible if we damage them. Please make us aware of any hidden objects and contingencies before we begin work so that we can plan accordingly and avoid damaging them. Otherwise, if we did not receive advance notice and we cause damage to something that is not plainly visible, you will be responsible for any repair costs.
  • Driveways/Sidewalks/Hardscapes: We do our best to minimize damage to driveways, sidewalks, and hardscapes. But mistakes do happen, often due to factors outside of our control, such as hollow spots under concrete that we cannot see. There are many other examples, such as accidental oil spills from an engine. If our equipment causes settling, cracking, stains, or other damage to your hardscapes, then repairs are not included in the contract price. Leaf & Limb is not responsible for damages to driveways, sidewalks, and other hardscapes. Please let us know in advance if we should avoid placing heavy equipment on your property.
  • Clean-up: When we prune trees, we clean up all branches and debris, unless noted otherwise on the proposal. Ditto for other services that generate debris, such as shrub pruning, annual Piedmont Prairie cutting, and extra soil from planting. Our goal is to leave your property looking as clean as it was when we arrived.
  • Media Release: We occasionally take pictures and record video during particular jobs to be used for training and promotional purposes. By agreeing to work with us, you grant us the right to use, publish, and reproduce pictures, video, and sound recordings for these purposes and more. You also waive the right to receive any payment from us for the use of this media.
  • Permits: Unless we have been contracted to do so, or it was agreed upon as part of the scope of a project in writing, we will not be responsible for obtaining permits. This will be your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits. This is something we can do on your behalf at your request, but it will require additional fees for the permits.
  • Safety: Leaf & Limb warrants that all arboricultural operations will follow the latest version of the ANSI Z133.1 industry safety standards, which are the safety standards that help govern our industry.
  • ANSI A300: ANSI A300 are voluntary industry consensus standards based on current research and sound practice for writing specifications to manage trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Our work is done in accordance with ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards, unless otherwise noted.
  • Legal Advice: The information we provide does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials we provide are for general informational purposes only.

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