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Andrea is a Raleigh native who cares deeply about the natural world, trees in particular. She especially loves the beautiful bark of the white oak. Andrea’s delight in the natural world runs deep and even led to a heated argument with a friend over a relatively minor act of littering. Leaf & Limb stands out among other tree companies for Andrea because of its dedication to being environmentally minded, a quality she sought out when seeking employment.


Andrea is an extremely talented manager. Her mind is a steel trap of information – she knows all and forgets nothing. She has several forms of synesthesia, which could explain her keen abilities. She loves working at Leaf & Limb because she can't wait to make sure you have a fantastic experience. Rest assured, you will enjoy interacting with Andrea – everybody always does. As a native Minnesotan, she is a self-described hockey addict. She also loves pizza, 80’s rock, and Stephen King. Oh and reading. Andrea never leaves home without her Kindle - she is always reading at least two books (usually more) and listening to at least one audiobook at all times. Oh and cats. She currently has 6, of which all are rescues. Meow.


Andrew has a little east coast and a little west coast in him. A native Virginian, he has also spent time in California, which left him with a lasting love of redwood trees. Andrew loves working with trees. In fact, one of his favorite hobbies is bonsai, an activity similar to the work he does at Leaf & Limb, but on a different scale. Beyond working with trees, Andrew enjoys woodworking, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with dogs.


Basil loves trees. And soil, wildflowers, insects, bats, fungi, ecosystems - basically all of Earth. He is fully committed to caring for this beautiful planet. He is a Treecologist, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, Duke graduate, and Wizard of Things at Leaf & Limb. Though trees are his passion and profession, he also loves cultivating flowers in his garden, restoring native meadows, and propagating plants from seed. Some of Basil's favorite pastimes are hanging out with his wife and sons, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, powerlifting, CrossFit, hiking, and long-distance running. His next favorite things in life are reading, garlic, traveling the world, blazing hot peppers, pickles, and anything from Lucette Grace in downtown Raleigh, in approximately that order.


Cedric is gifted with athleticism and smarts to match – pretty much the perfect recipe for becoming a great climber. But becoming a great climber also requires hard work and dedication, something Cedric proved he possesses. After working for years as a crew leader, he now oversees our training program, working hard to share his knowledge with other aspiring climbers. Cedric is a self-taught musician who creates his own tracks. He is also a self-taught basketball extraordinaire, demonstrating on courts all across Raleigh that white boys CAN jump.


Chris was born in Ohio to a family of hard core OSU Buckeye football fans. He earned an engineering degree from NC State’s College of Engineering, as well as a minor in German. He is still conversational. Then he took to the high seas where he spent 6 years on the open ocean as a Merchant Marine and earned his Captain's license. He loves his pet squirrel, drawing (he is an accomplished artist), reading the classics, camping, and grilling out with friends and family. He was drawn to Leaf & Limb because he enjoys working outdoors. For Chris a positive attitude and outlook on life are very important.


Originally from Long Island, NY, Chris comes to tree care from an unusual academic background: physics, in which he earned a degree from Williams College in Massachusetts. In addition to golf, tennis, and playing guitar, Chris enjoys gardening, a hobby that nudged him towards tree care, with which he is fascinated. Among many things he loves about North Carolina, the beautiful flowering of the crape myrtles may be his favorite.


Affectionately known as “Young Grease”, Chris is a crowd favorite. With his quick wit and positive attitude, it’s impossible not to enjoy his company. He is left handed, proud of his Italian heritage, loves football, and is a talented public speaker. He embodies all of Leaf & Limb’s values, especially the bit about “show that you care.”


Chris is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. He has an A.A.S. Degree in Forest Technology and is an ISA Certified Arborist. His training ranges from academic topics such as dendrology, entomology, botany, and forest biology to applied skills such as climbing, installing lightning protection systems, and pruning. He is a master of complex structural pruning and properly hand pruning a wide array of shrub and ornamental tree species. Away from work you may find him tinkering with his 1970 Mach I Mustang that he has owned since the age of 18 or hanging out with his Jack Russel Terrier, a hunting extraordinaire.


Where to begin? Colin originally founded this company in 1997, starting with nothing but an old truck. Many years later, Colin is now among the top in the industry when it comes to knowledge of all things tree-related. He is a regular arboriculture encyclopedia – people are always amazed by his expertise. He is CTSP accredited, an ISA Certified Arborist, has his Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, and is obsessed with perfection. He was born and raised in South Africa, speaks many languages including Dutch and Afrikaans, has mastered soccer, used to compete nationally in judo, and loves samosas.


Craig is an industry veteran who began his career in 1988. He is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and an illustrious member of our sales team. His super power is plant health care. If you have trees or shrubs that are in need of help, Craig is your expert. He is also a skillful musician. He makes the mandolin purr like a kitty with catnip. He also plays the guitar and saxophone. One of his favorite quotes is, “All music is folk music, because it’s played by folks” by Jerome Garcia.


Born in Australia, EB still misses those Aussie waves. He was 10 when he moved to Raleigh. In Raleigh, he had a close group of friends who lived in the same neighborhood. There’s a video about them called The Creek Boys, which sometimes gets presented at urban planning conferences. A natural fit at Leaf & Limb, EB has enjoyed growing tree saplings for years. The Hemlock is EB’s current obsession, a tree that grows well in shade and eventually takes its place in the canopy. He loves playing basketball and really any sport. Although he was raised in Raleigh he is happy to now call Durham his home.


Greyson is a Raleigh native (one of the few and proud!), an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), Certified Treecare Safety Professional, veteran tree climber, and member of Leaf & Limb's extraordinary sales team. He has been working and training in the local tree care industry full-time for over a decade. During his off-time he enjoys life with his wife, Kelsey, and their three children. Greyson is also a dedicated student of Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. One lesser known fact is that he owns a collection of over 50 (and counting) vintage cameras.


Hayden comes to Raleigh by way of Asheville. He has a degree in Ecology, loves ID'ing trees and living the philosophy of helping the environment as a whole. Hayden loves the Carolina Hemlock. Why you ask? It has a “fluffy” look and tends to be the picturesque lone tree on rocky outcrops. When he’s not out hiking, you can find him playing hockey and the drums, but not at the same time. He loves messing around with computers, playing video games and finding the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in town. Briefly in college, Hayden majored in ceramic arts and specialized in throwing and glaze chemistry.


Jeremy is our Culture Champion here at Leaf & Limb! Born in Texas and raised in New Jersey, Jeremy has also lived in Kenya, the U.S. Virgin Islands and every state that I-35 runs through. He has two favorite trees, both of which stand in contrast to their natural environments; the Piñon Pine stubbornly thriving in rugged and remote places and the Paper Birch providing a visual pop against backdrops of green. Jeremy is a serious maker of Spotify playlists and a serious reader, an activity that nourishes his talent with the written word. While we can’t include all the wonderful anecdotes Jeremy has shared with us about his life, rest assured we have a true Treecologist-Poet on staff at Leaf & Limb.


Though Jimmy moved here from Seattle, his roots are in Maryland, where he learned to love Maryland blue crabs and beech trees, a tree that always reminds his of roaming the woods as a kid. Around trees is where Jimmy most likes to be, whether he’s maintaining outdoor spaces to encourage healthy communities or rock climbing and fly fishing. Jimmy’s awe of nature was punctuated by a nearly mystical fly fishing experience where he witnessed a snake catch and devour a trout on the bank of a river. He is a Treecologist, ISA Certified Arborist, and blooming tree care expert.


Josh lives a vegan and minimalist lifestyle with his wife, Terrier Schnauzer mix, and tail-less Manx. After playing music across America, working as a manufacturing engineer, and dreaming of an outdoor career, Josh moved to the City of Oaks in 2016 to pursue his passions. He is now an avid tree enthusiast, Treecologist, and ISA Certified Arborist who is mastering many different skills at Leaf & Limb. In his spare time, Josh enjoys skateboarding, playing music, camping, cooking Italian food, and exploring the Triangle.


There is little doubt that Juan is one of the best tree climbers in the industry. Juan will tackle any project head on, and do so in an efficient and safe manner. Watch Juan in action when he is working on your property, and you will be amazed – we regularly hear “oohs” and “ahhs” from clients when Juan is in action. He has countless years of experience and is a long-time Leaf & Limb veteran, tied for longest career at our company. Little known fact about Juan: he is also an accomplished mechanic and expert tinkerer.


Kelly grew up in Baltimore, so naturally he loves crab cakes, the Ravens, and the O’s. He has been happily married to his lovely wife for over two decades. When he is not spending time with her, he tinkers with his Chevy Blazer and will fish for anything that swims. He began his career as a tree climber in the late 80’s and since that time has mastered all aspects of tree care, biology, biotic/abiotic issues, soil, and so much more. He is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. He has been involved in high profile tree care projects within the National Parks of Washington DC, Manasssas Battlefield, Antietam Battlefield and the C.O. Canal. Last but not least, he loves his two toy poodles.


Insects be warned – the Tree Whisperer is here! Larry Eacret is an ISA Certified Arborist with a degree in Forest Technology. More importantly, he is a premier expert when it comes to insects, diseases, fungi, and other tree afflictions. As manager of our plant health care training he has worked diligently to build our tree care operations by increasing service offerings, training new technicians, and tutoring sales representatives. When he is not busy vanquishing the baddest of bugs, you can find him surf fishing, reading, sipping on a good bourbon, or smoking a cigar.


Leo hails from Wilson, NC, just down the road from the Triangle. There, Leo developed an early love of exploring nature through climbing magnolia trees (still his favorite) and kayaking down the streams of eastern North Carolina. After a harrowing experience in high school with an autoimmune disease that filled his lungs with blood and sent him to the hospital for over a week, Leo re-emerged a more healthy and positive person. He loves that Leaf & Limb is a tree company focused on planting, tending to trees, and pruning. He also appreciates the volunteer opportunities available through the company.


Liz was drawn to Leaf & Limb because she loves being outside, working on a team, and acquiring new skills and experiences. When out in the wild, you’ll find Liz hiking, camping and swimming in the mountains, even if that means getting lots and lots of poison ivy. From chickweed to oxalis flowers to wild mushrooms, she enjoys foraging for her favorite foods. It makes eating feel like a treasure hunt! Her two kiddos come along on many adventures.


Luke was born and raised in Durham, NC. He first crossed paths with Leaf & Limb when he ran his own mobile repair company; they were one of his clients. What attracted Luke to join the team was the company environment where you work around people you enjoy every day. When he’s not working, Luke can be found on his property in south central Virginia with his wife and three kids. He enjoys pork BBQ, eastern style vinegar-based sauce of course, and is a sucker for dogs, Labradors of course. In 20 years, he hopes his kids will repeat and continue to live his mantra of “make everything better than it was when you got there.”


Matt loves trees and has an unquenchable passion for them. He originally joined the industry as a tree climber. Given his background as a rock climbing phenom and climber in the phone tower industry (he was once stuck 300 feet up in a tower in the middle of a thunder storm), it was a natural fit. But once he began working with trees, he developed an insatiable desire to learn more, This blossomed into a love for trees, soil, etc, which of course makes him right at home here at Leaf & Limb. He is a Treecologist, ISA Certified Arborist, and an ECU graduate with a passion for music. He has been a musician for many years, specializing in bass and guitar. His personal library has over 75 books about trees and he is constantly adding more! Oh, and PS, he loves spicy food and will put hot sauce on most of his food.


Matt grew up in Northern Pennsylvania and relocated to the Raleigh area in 2015. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and has an Associates Degree in Business Administration. Matt was tired of working indoors so he joined Leaf & Limb. In his spare time he loves spending time with his wife and daughter, especially at the beach. He also enjoys biking, rollerblading, running, kayaking and anything to keep him moving (he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie). He also loves to make people laugh.


Nora is a Canuckian. She considers herself from Calgary but also from Ottawa. They’re thousands of miles apart, but she gets around. Way back she attended a lecture for homeowners by Dr. Alex Shigo, and it forever changed how she thought about trees and eventually motivated her to leave office life. When Nora’s not working outdoors, she’s playing outdoors. In the past, her time outdoors has allowed her to fly gliders, travel the globe for scuba adventures, and even the chance to fly a helicopter up in the boreal forest. There's always a new adventure waiting. She writes about gardening from an urban ecology POV and is making her property into a kind of naturescape — planting for diversity to see what critters and plants show up.


Patrick is a father of two awesome kids and happily married to his soul mate and best friend. He goes hiking as often as he can and has visited nearly half of North Carolina's state parks. He also loves kayaking, especially along the coast (he highly recommends the Bear Island kayak trail outside Atlantic Beach). He considers himself to be a good cook and makes a MEAN strawberry cheesecake. Patrick graduated from ECU and spent most of his professional career working in sales and business development. One day he decided it was time for a change, something outdoors, something that involved hands-on work. So he joined Leaf & Limb to pursue his passions. He is a Treecologist and ISA Certified Arborist who enjoys the tree industry because every day brings something new, different, and challenging.


Before moving to NC, Peter worked as a guide on the rivers in California. He would take folks rafting, kayaking, and backpacking. He lived in beautiful farm country on the Western Slopes of the Sierra Nevadas and was also active with various river conservation campaigns. It was this conservation work - and his love of our planet - that attracted Peter to join Leaf & Limb. And boy are we happy to have him! He is a joy to be around and has a true thirst for knowledge. When he is not working with trees, hiking, or having fun on a nearby river, he also enjoys basketball (he played collegiate ball), playing guitar, and watching sports. He is also a bit of a pizza aficionado - he has tried pizza in over 35 states. According to him, Connecticut has the best pizza. Whudathunkit?


Richard, who comes to us from Portland, Oregon, says he loves anything “outdoorsy.” For Richard, that includes the usual suspects: hiking, biking, rock climbing, and camping, but also foraging. Richard loves food, especially when it’s cooked and shared with friends. It doesn’t hurt if the meal includes a fresh-baked croissant, probably his favorite food. Richard needs plenty of energy for the long hikes he takes, the most memorable of which was an impromptu stroll in his sandals that turned into an arduous ten mile loop that ascended two summits.


Stuart is a veteran arborist and master of his trade. After finishing school, he decided to pursue a career in the arboriculture industry. He is now an ISA Certified Arborist with the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. Though he excels in many areas, his strength is plant health care. If your trees have problems, Stuart has solutions. He is an accomplished soccer player, climbs rock and boulders like a pro, enjoys listening to underground music, and loves spending time with his daughter.


Tessa graduated from NC State and has interests ranging from foxes to cheesecake, and from paintball to coke icees. Better yet, she had chickenpox twice, wrote her thesis on the Halo video game franchise, and sometimes stays up late doing astral photography. She is truly a unique individual, which makes her right at home at Leaf & Limb (we really like interesting people). She is our director of media and a truly talented videographer and photographer.


Thomas grew up not far from the Leaf & Limb shop. Witnessing Raleigh’s continuous growth, he knows all too well the importance of tree preservation. Project Pando was the tipping point for him deciding to join the team. His favorite tree is the Oak, but he couldn’t tell you which variety yet. He’s looking forward to learning more about tree ID in the days, months, and years ahead. Thomas has been a musician for decades, creating sounds from computers, synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. But recently his talents have extended into songwriting and singing - although he’s very grateful for auto-tune! A local history buff, Thomas will just as happily chat with you about native plants as he will about indigenous land management or the movement of peoples, plants, and technology through the Southeast and beyond.


Will, from Beaufort, loves the water even though his first experience piloting a boat in the ocean took him through choppy seas that nearly sunk the boat. Will’s upbringing instilled in him a love of seafood. He also loves the formidable red oak and never ceases to be amazed how such a thing can spring from a small seed. It is important to Will that the company he works for cares about its people and the effects that arboriculture has on the environment. He is a Treecologist, ISA Certified Arborist, and member of the sales team at Leaf & Limb.


Will was born in Cary (a surprisingly rare thing to meet someone from Cary these days) but then moved to California to work on a farm. Eventually his sister convinced him to come back to good ole’ North Carolina. He found his way into the tree care industry because it intersected with many of his passions: he gardens, grows aeroponics, and is generally interested in all things related to sustainability, whether to do with trees or food production. If he is not tending lovingly to his herbs, leafy greens, watermelon, and cantaloupe, you will find him out exploring, whether that is new cities, restaurants, or outdoor spaces. Oh, and he loves to cook, especially fish. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he will cook us some fresh-caught red drum with rosemary from his garden... Mmm...

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