Project Pando: Our Positive Impact Program

By achieving good for all and being stewards of our shared resources, we collectively attain a brighter future.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional services and use our success to create positive impact for our employees, community, and planet.

Project Pando is one of the vehicles we use to achieve this goal.

How have we helped our community?


Hours Volunteered

since January of 2017


Financial Impact

Value of donations and hours contributed since January of 2017

We work with Habitat for Humanity, We Plant It Forward, Salvation Army, Corral, E.K. Powe Elementary School, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, Durham VA Medical Center, JC Raulston Arboretum, Helping Hand Mission, Keep Durham Beautiful, Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC, Durham Tree Summit, SEEDS, Transitions LifeCare, Tammy Lynn Center, YMCA Community Hope Program, Trees Across Raleigh and more!

Our Inspiration:

Pando is a massive clonal colony of Quaking Aspens located in Utah. Every tree in this colony is connected to one another by a single root system. Each tree relies on one another for well-being. Good for one is good for all. Pando derives its strength (50,000 trees, 6,600 tons, 80,000 years old) from its unity.

Project Pando is built on the beliefs that, like Pando in Utah, we are all connected, helping one helps all, and there is strength in unity.

By achieving good for all and being stewards of our shared resources, we attain a brighter future.

Atomic scientists looking through microscopes and astrophysicists looking through telescopes are seeing the same thing: all things are closely connected. This is a foundational nature of our universe.

There are great lessons to be learned from Pando that relate to people, community, and planet.

  1. We are all connected.
  2. We are all rooted in shared resources: our neighbors, community, and planet.
  3. Our futures are tied together.
  4. Helping one helps all. The opposite is also true.
  5. There is strength in unity.

Join us on this quest to do good!

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